Jase is one of Australia’s most experienced Obstacle Racers, having competed in over 50 Obstacle Races in Australia, USA, Europe and was one of the original Season 1 Australian Ninja Warriors.

He is a recognised Spartan GX trainer and there is no other specific Obstacle Racing training available like this in Geelong.

Obstacle Race Training is for when you want to train for your next Obstacle Race (Miss Muddy, True Grit, Muddy Hell, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder to name a few), you who want to learn the skills of how to conquer those tougher obstacles and even when you just want to add variety to your workout routine.

The basic components of fitness are all covered: strength, speed, stamina and flexibility. Jase implements different movement patterns into the sessions, that will give you obstacle confidence and make your Obstacle Racing experience an enjoyable one.

It is not your regular program. Expect the unexpected but expect to feel like a young child again!

Spartan SGX Certified Coach