HTFU Session 20: The Human Experience


HTFU session 19 is your chance to make the trainers do whatever you like (we expect a few burpees).

Everyone else will then join in the workout that is set by the participants.

A fun session, to send us off into a short break, for Xmas.

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Our HTFU sessions are tougher than our normal classes. They are usually endurance sessions, designed to test you physically and mentally.

HTFU Session 20 is going to get everyone out of their comfort zones.
Sunday 17th February, from 7.30-9.30am and is called It is called “The Human Experience” because you potentially will experience many emotions and physical responses during this workout.
Happiness, fear, frustration, anger, satisfaction, fatigue, empathy, sympathy….to name a few.

Workout clue: Expect the unexpected!

Please do not attend this event if you are easily offended.
The workout/Coaches may push your buttons…so if you don’t like that…don’t attend.

$20 fee for non GBOT members.

$10 for GBOT members.

Be ready for anything.

Bring your A game…..because in this session, you are going to need it.

Don’t ask questions about the session…because we will not answer them correctly.

All you need to know, is bring a workout towel, hydration, maybe a snack to eat and a lot of positive energy.

All fitness levels can participate but if you are nursing injuries….this sesh is probably not for you.

Wimps, pussies, pea hearts and quitters need not attend.

No kids will be allowed in the training area, either.

We look forward to seeing you Harden The F*** Up with us, soon!



Please ensure you read the “Geelong Boxing and Obstacle Training” waiver

We hope to see you there.