The GBOT Mile


Sunday 13th December, from 7-8:30am.

See below for a detailed description of this event

$10 for GBOT Members, please book via the GymMate shop

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The 3rd addition of the GBOT Mile, will be held on Sunday 13th December, from 7-8:30am.
This will be like no other “mile”, you have ever travelled.
4 laps around the block, (1.6km) starting at our venue and then, first past the finishing line, will be the GBOT Mile Winner.
This race will suit all fitness levels.
There is no advantage for faster runners.
The actual course will be revealed in the lead up to “The Race that Stops South Geelong”.
Entry is open to both GBOT members & non members.
Minimal age of 16.
Entry fee: $20. ($10 for GBOT members)
You are allowed 1 pit crew member….which might help…..
This will be a super fun race.
Expect the unexpected!
Registration here now to secure your spot.
GBOT Members, please book the GymMate shop  for the discounted pricing
Please note, there are no refunds available with this purchase.