GBOT 100km Virtual Run


Starts Saturday 15th August, 2020

See description below for more details

All participants that complete the challenge will receive a finishers medal.

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We are excited to announce the GBOT 100km Virtual Run.
GBOT stands for Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training & that is where the 100km Virtual Run, will start & finish.
There are 10 stages of the Virtual run, that you must complete in order….but you can take as long as you want to complete the 100km.
This is not a timed race but if you want to time yourself, through each stage and then total your 100km time, be our guest.
Alternatively, running might not be your thing…so you may want to walk some of the GBOT 100km.
One thing is assured…if you finish, you will receive a cool GBOT 100km finishers medal.
How does it work?
Well, it is a Virtual Run, meaning you can run anywhere you like…but the distance of each GBOT 100km stage, relates to the distance between our actual, local locations.
The locations include picturesque spots such as Bells Beach and the Geelong Botannical Gardens.
Once registered, all communication will be via a private Facebook group.
The GBOT 100km Run costs $29 and registrations are open now.
Come & join us as we explore what Geelong has to offer.