Centurion Virtual Challenge Round 2


Starts Monday 17th May 2021

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The Centurion is back! This is Round 2..and is a little different to the first time we hosted the event.
The Virtual Challenge can be done anywhere you like but to earn the coveted Centurion medal, all rules must be adhered to.
The Centurion involves performing an exercise x 100 repetitions per day for 100 consecutive days.
There are 10 Bodyweight exercises in total and minimal equipment is needed.
The exercises will be revealed once we have 100 participants registered.
This round of The Centurion has a twist…the 10 daily exercises will be randomly picked the day before…so this means that potentially some  exercises could double up or be done within a few days of each other.
All exercises have low/high options.
Once registered, you will be told more…
The Virtual Challenge will run via a private Facebook group. All communication will be posted there.

Those who complete the high option of every exercise, will be inducted into our “Centurion Hall of Fame.”

Once the challenge is completed, you will receive your Centurion medal and certificate.

The cost of this challenge is only $39 (which works out to be 39 cents per day!)

Don’t delay – register today!

“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer”.
Are you up for the 100 day Centurion Virtual Challenge?