6 Peaks Virtual Climb


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This is a Virtual Stair Climbing event, that challenges you to climb 6 mountains, from different parts of the World.

Once you climb a mountain, you will receive a link, to download your cool certificate of recognition.

Once you have completed all 6 peaks, we will send you an even cooler, 6 Peaks Virtual Climb medal.

You will then, also, be added to our 6 Peaks Hall of Fame….and a special little gift, will be sent to you.

How the climb works: each mountain has a number of stairs, that are required, for you to reach the peak.

You can only use stairs or a stair climbing machine for this challenge.

We suggest counting particular flights of stairs and using them, to calculate your climbs.

Yes, it is a lot of counting…but that’s what calculators were designed for.

Once entering the challenge, all correspondence will be via our private Facebook group and emails.

The challenge works on an “honesty policy” system and we require you to log your stair count, once a week.

If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself…

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Just do what suits you and remember, these are big mountains, so they will take time, to climb!

Your timeframe is 12 months, to complete all 6 peaks.

The 6 peaks are:

Ben Nevis, Scotland: a fair amount of stairs
Mount Kosciuszko, Australia: quite a lot of stairs
Mount Olympus, Greece: an extreme lot of stairs
Mount Blanc, France: a crazy amount of stairs
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: an epic amount stairs
Mount Everest, Nepal: an unimaginable amount of stairs

An extraordinary total of stairs…😳

It is certainly a challenge of epic proportions but it is achievable, if you train consistently and rest accordingly.

We will provide motivation, in our private Facebook group and encourage you along the way….and yes, we will be climbing, too!