Sealfit: Day 1 Diary

In 2012, I decided I needed a big challenge.

I had been training in CrossFit for a number of years and enjoyed that style of training….but I wanted to test myself even further.

I searched up “hardest training in the World”.

Most of my searches brought up military style establishments, throughout different countries.

I kept coming back to a place in California, USA, called Sealfit.

It was run by ex Navy Seals and looked pretty hardcore.

I was intrigued…so much so, I signed up for the 3 Week “Unbeatable Mind” Academy and the Kokoro Camp.

In upcoming blogs, I will post up about my training experience at Sealfit.

If it inspires anyone to move more, even better. 

I hope you enjoy my Sealfit diaries. 

Day 1 Diary: Sealfit 

Nervously, I strode into Sealfit, in California, USA.

I had heard it was classed as the hardest training in the World, outside of the military.

A mixture of Navy Seal drills, Crossfit and functional fitness, all directed at providing leadership skills and building up athletes, physically & mentally.

I had travelled nearly 13,000kms and paid a few thousand $ for this privilege.

I was ready to test myself mentally, physically and emotionally …….something I had not really done previously.

I thought on arrival, that it would be somewhat of an induction and a chance to get to know the other guys joining me for the next 3 weeks.

I was wrong.

Even though today was not officially “Start day”, we were told to put our bags in the sleeping quarters and line up on the grinder (a square of concrete with a matrix pull up bar set up.)

Then, we were put into action.

Burpees, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats etc…one exercise after another…in the hot sun. There was no let up.

This white boy from Geelong had just arrived from a Victorian Winter, so working out in the heat was a shock.

So much so, that during a set of pull ups, I blacked out.

I was still conscious but I lost my vision.

Then I heard one of the Coaches yell in my face “Get up on that bar Lydom!”

I replied that I could not see…….apparently he threw a punch at my face and pulled it up just before it hit me on the honker.

I did not flinch. He then knew I was not lying.

He sat me down and gave me some pure maple syrup to drink.

He explained later that I was probably dehydrated from the plane trip and my blood sugar levels were depleted. The maple syrup helped bring my blood sugar levels up. 

I regained my vision just in time to watch another “recruit” vomit. Lovely. That made me feel a bit better anyway.

Then another guy started dry retching…….

I rejoined the others and completed a fitness test of maximum push ups, sit ups, pull ups and a mile run. It was not pretty.

I actually scored ok on the push ups & sit ups but my pull ups and run were below average.

After this initiation, we toured the facility, spoke with other Coaches and retired to the dorm.

I was sunburnt and rooted…..and we had not even started yet!

Welcome to Sealfit!

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow.

Below is the Unbeatable Mind Trailer

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