Is there a need for “Boxing for Fitness” classes in Geelong?

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Boxing for Fitness in Geelong. Is it a thing of the past?

Not according to us, at Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training.

Boxing is one of the toughest sports around and boxers are renowned as being among, the fittest athletes, requiring a combination of agility, speed, power, strength and of course, mental toughness.

So, why not bring Boxing for Fitness classes to the community of Geelong!

Our Motto:

Our Boxing for Fitness class motto, is “Get Fit without Getting Hit”, which appeals to a lot of people. Most people want to gain the benefits, from Boxing Training, without the body contact.

Our classes are punchy (excuse the pun) and we utilize the whole hour, to coach and instruct technique and intensity.

The benefits of Boxing for Fitness classes, at Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training, include:

  • Enhanced cardiovascular health
  • Improved body composition
  • Gain overall body strength
  • Better hand-eye co-ordination
  • De-stress
  • Social aspect

Our Boxing for Fitness classes, aim to challenge the participant and our training environment, is safe, friendly and motivating.

We currently have 4 Instructors, who Coach weekly classes and we have just added a Kids Boxing class, to our timetable.

So, yes, we think there is a need for Boxing for Fitness classes, in Geelong and we are happy to offer classes, at our venue, “The Funhouse”, in South Geelong.

Our timetable can be found at here

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are also an option, at Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training, for those who want to take their Boxing training, up a notch.

If you want to “Get Fit without Getting Hit”, come & join us for a Boxing for Fitness class, at Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training.

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