10 Things to Look for when choosing a Gym

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Here is a list of 10 things that Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training’s owner, Jase Lydom, recommends, when deciding on where to train.

  1. Check out the instructors. Do they have the appropriate qualifications? What do they specialise in? For example, Nutrition, Strength Training, Metafit, Obstacle Training, Boxing, Yoga?  Will the instructors motivate you? (Because that is half the reason they are there). Lastly, do they walk the walk….or are they all talk? In reality, they should be health and fitness role models.
  2. Does the Gym have a positive vibe? It needs to if you are going to spend a proportion of your time there. You want to be around positive and uplifting instructors and training partners.
  3. What is the Gym community like? Are they welcoming and friendly? You would hope so because interaction at the Gym is unavoidable and a sense of community, can create a fantastic, training environment. A fantastic training environment = results!
  4. Does the Gym have the equipment you require, to chase your fitness goals? It needs to.
  5. Does the class timetable suit your schedule? Time is our most important commodity and the schedule needs to work for you.
  6. The cost. Are you getting value for money? Work out how many times a week you plan on attending and divide it into the weekly fee. The number should give you your answer. Remember to always factor in, all the “extras”, such as sign up fees and exit fees.
  7. Innovation. Has the Gym been the same for years…..or is it progressive and moving with the times. As new research and studies emerge, you want to be moving with change and not be stuck in the Stone Ages.
  8. Membership suspension. Check to see if you can suspend your membership and if so, for how long and how many times can you do this. As much as we like to think it will not happen, injuries occur and sometimes, the body needs to recover. Not forgetting about holidays as well. You do not want to be paying a Gym membership if you are not attending.
  9. Reputation. Do your research. Check out the Gym’s social media pages (for example, here is our https://www.facebook.com/geelongboxing/ ), website and reviews. This will give you an indication of what sort of facility it is and whether it would be appropriate for you. Ask around too and get other peoples opinions on the Gym.
  10. Lastly, go with your gut feel. You want to be able to  walk in, get acknowledged and feel comfortable. Intuition is a powerful  thing.

This should help you decide on the appropriate Gym for you, so you can actually  enjoy your training!

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  1. Thank you for the 10 things to look for when choosing a gym. I definitely like the idea to check out the instructors and their qualifications before choosing a gym. That way you know if the gym employs reputable instructors and takes their classes seriously.

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