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GBOT MEMBER STORIES.Kim Murphy is a GBOT member, who has dedicated most of her life to health & fitness.Kim is consistent, determined and challenges herself in our classes. We asked Kim to share her story. As a small child I was very reserved and shy. Because of this, I preferred my own company and used to enjoy making up my own personal challenges and games.My parents were both active. My father was an avid surfer,/lifesaver/competitive rower. He was a great influence in my life as far as keeping me active and fit.In my earlier years I enjoyed playing competitive tennis and then progressed to little athletics.I was never particularly great at anything, just one who blended into the crowd.By the time I was 14 or so, I found the joys of running - just me and my dog. I didnt like the pressure of competition so this new freedom really appealed to me..In my 20's snow skiing was my passion.I then got married, had kids but still continued running, swimming , cross country mountain biking and staying active.I included my children in all my activities where- ever I was able.I was unknowingly instilling into my children "the love of exercise" at the same time.Then in my 30's- 40's along came bootcamps, crossfit and now in my late 50's GBOT.From my early teens to now, I have always looked after my body. I've always eaten well, and at one stage in my life, tried the paleo way. In my late teens I thought I was invincible. I could run forever and trained hard. Crossfit in the am, then I'd swim laps after work then sometimes I ran in between.I then started getting injured. The little niggles that wouldn't go away. I was overtraining and not having sufficient downtime. It was time to stop and do things smarter, not harder. listen to my body. Rest when it felt tired, go harder when it felt good. It's taken a long time for me to learn to give myself permission that it's ok to not push myself and to lower my expectations when Im "not feeling it".I've had my share of injuries, torn hammies, shoulder impingements, elbow tendon tears etc. Im all about self care now and maintenance.Unfortunately, when menopause hit , my body started reacting to my old training habits and I experienced weight gain,unexplained fatigue and injury recurrence.That has been a mental adjustment and acceptance of the new me..Frustrating as it was, but reality. I've become more informed and aware of my diet, sleep, recovery and lifestyle now than I was in my 30's- 40s. I've learnt to enjoy and appreciate everything that my body can do, not what it cant/used to be able to do. I don't take my health for granted.For me, it boils down to daily habits, hard work and a winning mindset.I can't believe it, but I have been training at GBOT for nearly 5 years now. Coming from a person who is still quiet and reserved, I have found GBOT to be warm and welcoming. It's not pretentious, competitive or threatening, unlike some establishments. For me, I feel I can train comfortably without judgment or any intimidation. I'm not training for anything in particular. My goals at the moment are to maintain and build on the strength and fitness that I have now, without irritating any old injuries. The old saying.."use it or lose it" really is true.Thankyou to Jase and Karen for providing such a warm and welcoming place to train. For the variety offered and for being down to earth genuine people. Thank you Kim, for sharing your story 🙏We enjoy having you and Michael as part of the GBOT ... See MoreSee Less
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Well done to the St Joseph's College Geelong students, who trained with us today. A mix of Boxing, Indoor Cycling, Ninja and Obstacle Training, ensured there was something for everyone. ... See MoreSee Less
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This is a great way, to get that much needed protein, into your body. Get in ma’ belly! 😋 ... See MoreSee Less
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"What stood out for me when visiting Geelong Boxing and Obstacle Training and spending time with Jase, Karen and the team was the sense of community and respect for one another. GBOT takes pride in what they do and help their clients and the wider community to express the best version of themselves in everything they do. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in training, obstacle course racing or just looking to improve their general health and well being to visit GBOT and see what they are all about
Commando Steve

"Jase's programs vary within and between sessions. There’s also obstacle programs if seeking even more challenging variation. I was surprised at no longer encountering overuse strain or injury since starting his bootcamps. He generates a great atmosphere and its infectious. A great experience even in the cold dank of winter."