Boxing Training

Specific, skill based conditioning, using correct boxing for fitness technique.

Obstacle Training

Training specifically formulated to help you conquer your next obstacle course.

Kids Training

Fun filled classes & Ninja parties to inspire kids to enjoy exercise.

Metafit Training

30 minute High Intensity Interval Training classes, using your own body weight.

Ninja Open Play

Sunday 5th August
9:00am – 10:30am
Cost $20 online
or $25 on the day

Personal Training

Want a more “personal” training experience, with a knowledgable trainer, you can trust? Our one on one Personal Training sessions, guarantee fantastic results.

Body Composition Testing

Emphasising core stability, Functional Fitness Training aims to prepare you for daily tasks, by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.

Body Composition Testing

MetaPWR is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises, to develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency.


Session 3 Friday 3rd August 8:30pm – 9:30pm Limited tickets available


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Sunday 5th August 9.00-10.30am

Test yourself out on our :

Warped Wall
Peg Maze
Devil Steps
Swinging Rings
Ring Toss
Rope Climbs
Salmon Ladder
And more.....

$20 if you book on the link below or $25 on the day.
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Sealfit: Day 10 Diary

Woke to Yoga, which I was getting used to now.
Throat was still sore from the choke out and my hip flexor was annoying enough.
Overall though, body was holding up well, on Day 10.

Then, it was off for a run with one of the Coaches.
No backpack this time. Just running gear. Woohoo!
The extra weighted pack made a huge difference to your run technique.

We were dropped off by car, on the outskirts of town.
It felt great to run in the open air, in the scrub.

Unfortunately I rolled my ankle at the half way point. There was no turning back, so I just had to run on it.

We all took turns up front, Indian file.
I was second in line, when all of a sudden the lead runner halted abruptly and the runners behind me all cannoned into each other.
Swearing ensued but we saw why.

A big rattlesnake was coiled up on the path!

We stepped around it and from then on were scanning the ground for any other local reptiles.

Back at Sealfit HQ, we tucked into some Weightlifting training, where the outsider in our group copped it big time.

The Weightlifting Coach really did not like him and this guy did not help his cause by looking disinterested and not taking the advice from the Coach, on board.

It was quite funny to see this guy cop finger push ups.....and complete them.
He was not a team player but he was an extremely good athlete.

More Log PT followed. I was at the front of log this time. It sucked.
Squats, presses, name it, we did it.

The lads followed my lead and the person at the front initiates all the moves. I worked hard for that hour!

A Mobility workshop was just what we all needed.
We were shown a variety of stretches we could do with resistance bands.
I loved this workshop. It was a chance to get some rehab in.
My hip flexor felt really good after this.

Coach Divine then took us for a session on Performance.
Pre, during & post.
I got a hell of a lot out of this workshop. It was very informative.

A Warrior WOD filled in our afternoon.

5 rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats
4 rounds of 5 tyre flips, 10 sandbag getups, 15 kettlebell highpulls
3 rounds of 5 fights, 10 kettlebell swings, 15 burpee wall balls
2 rounds of body pulls (along concrete), KB farmers carries
1 round of Buddy Carry

Then Breath control, meditation & visualisation.

I was getting into the Sealfit routine now and had formed good bonds with a few of the recruits.
They were all from different backgrounds but most were there, as their goal, was to get into the Navy Seals.

Everyone had their ups and downs and if you saw someone on a downer, it was expected to pick them up again.
This happened a lot. The pysical exercise routine every day was long and draining.

Our unit was working well together.

We were all fairly beaten up and each of us were dealing with our own injuries but the camaraderie of the group was growing and we were looking out for each other.

Just what the Coaches had hoped.

Day 11 tomorrow.
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The Teen Boys Ninja class just hanging around, with Coach Rick.

“Where Fitness & Fun Collide”.
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“What stood out for me when visiting Geelong Boxing and Obstacle Training and spending time with Jase, Karen and the team was the sense of community and respect for one another. GBOT takes pride in what they do and help their clients and the wider community to express the best version of themselves in everything they do. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in training, obstacle course racing or just looking to improve their general health and well being to visit GBOT and see what they are all about
Commando Steve

“Jase’s programs vary within and between sessions. There’s also obstacle programs if seeking even more challenging variation. I was surprised at no longer encountering overuse strain or injury since starting his bootcamps. He generates a great atmosphere and its infectious. A great experience even in the cold dank of winter.”