Boxing Training

Specific, skill based conditioning, using correct boxing for fitness technique.

Obstacle Training

Training specifically formulated to help you conquer your next obstacle course.

Kids Training

Fun filled classes to inspire kids to enjoy exercise.

Metafit Training

30 minute High Intensity Interval Training classes, using your own body weight.


Our 12 week Nutrition Program is based on the principles of Metabolic Precision

Body Composition Testing

An accurate measurement of body fat percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, bone mineral content and more.

Body Composition Testing

Emphasising core stability, Functional Fitness Training aims to prepare you for daily tasks, by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.

Body Composition Testing

Specifically target the area you want to train. Train for your sport, your work or life in general, in a motivating, training environment, at an affordable price.

More than just training

Join the Geelong Boxing and Obstacle Training community


Concreting has been finished at The Funhouse.

Our timetable will start on Monday 4th July.

Bring It!

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It is not often you get to run up and down the grandstands and on the hallowed turf at the MCG.

Pete, Lochie and I were lucky enough to do that today.

Stadium Stomp done and dusted.

7000+ stairs completed.

Great event.
We will be back next year.

Who is going to join us?

I'm thinking a mini bus Ralphy.....
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PART 4: (The evolution of Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training, continued)

In March 2012, I was introduced to a new hobby. Obstacle Course Racing.
Tough Mudder had arrived in Australia and I signed up for the first event in Melbourne.....and so did over 15,000 others!
It was massive.

It was cold but I loved every minute of it.
Most people I spoke to, enjoyed it as well.

After this event I completed Tough Bloke, then Tough Mudder in Sydney...both days.
I was hooked!

18 months prior, I had completed my Crossfit Coaching qualification and had been training Crossfit style, since then.
That's how I came across Sealfit.
US Crossfit runs out of Sealfit, in California and Sealfit claimed to be the toughest training facility in the world, outside of the military.
They were advertising an "Unbeatable Mind Leadership Course".
So, I signed up.
For 3 weeks, I physically & mentally tested my limits. I returned to Australia battered and bruised but stronger in the mind.

Then, a few months later, I completed my first Worlds Toughest Mudder 24 Hour event.
I covered 80km in minus degree temperatures, placed 82/1200 and have never been colder in my life.

After this, Obstacle Course Races started taking off in Australia.
They were popping up everywhere.
A league was formed in 2013 and I joined it. I followed the races interstate and formed great friendships with fellow Obstacle Racers.

It was then that I started to implement Obstacle Racing sessions in my business.
These sessions were a bit tougher than my normal Bootcamp sessions and the leadership drills/skills, I had acquired at Sealfit, came to the fore.

So now, through Geelong Boxing, I was running my regular Bootcamps and Obstacle Training sessions.

I could see a lot of people were interested in the Obstacle Training but could not commit to the times I offered, so I consulted with a mate of mine and we formed the Geelong Obstacle Racing Club (GORC). A club where Obstacle Racing enthusiasts from Geelong could get together, train and meet like minded people.

Some photos from my first Tough Mudder, Sealfit, Worlds Toughest Mudder and the Geelong Obstacle Racing Club.(even some photos from Gorc's first ever session)

Stay tuned for Part 5.......
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Contact us

See timetable for opening times
0432 296 926
32 – 34 Raptor Place, South Geelong VIC


“Jase’s programs vary within and between sessions. There’s also obstacle programs if seeking even more challenging variation. I was surprised at no longer encountering overuse strain or injury since starting his bootcamps. He generates a great atmosphere and its infectious. A great experience even in the cold dank of winter.”

“I, like most people, will not be motivated to exercise if I am not enjoying what I am doing or do not feel comfortable with the trainer, it makes it too easy to quit. Jase’s non-aggressive approach to training and the follow up emails are extremely impressive. You certainly provide a wonderful service.”