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Body Composition Testing

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Body Composition Testing

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Sealfit: Day 12 Diary

I woke after getting a maximum of 1 hour sleep. Not pretty.

We were all tired, sore, angry and totally over it.
Getting woken up last night and training all through the early hours had taken a toll. The boys looked dishevelled and broken.
Some alluded to the fact that we might be given the morning of this new day wrong they were!

Our mandatory Yoga session started Day 12.

Then we were told to prepare for a full days rucking (hiking with weight) and whisked off into cars.
After an hours drive, we arrived at the Palomar Mountains.
Then, we rucked at Coach Divines pace, which was constant.
It was 35 degrees plus. Closer to 40 degrees.

We were in full gear, carrying sandbags in our backpacks & had our boots on. It was extremely tough going.

We rucked up this steep mountain, it seemed like, forever.

There was nowhere to hide from the sun. Hotspots started to appear on everyone's feet and hydration was paramount.

We stopped briefly to eat our MRE'S(Military Ration food).

Up and up we went at an unrelenting fast walk. If anyone started to fall behind, Coach Divine got stuck into them.
We were all tired and half delusional. Words cannot describe this trek up this mountain. There was no talk. No banter. Just walking. For hours....and hours.

Approx 21km up, on what I believe was close to 6500ft elevation.
I was suffering just as much as the lads. I had blisters on both heels and could now feel the blood trickling into my socks.
I was in a world of pain and this was the first time since I had been here, that I was starting to think "Why am I doing this?"

Finally we reached the peak, where a café was perched. Our spirits lifted and we rehydrated and bandaged ourselves up, as best we could.
I took a look at my heels.....they were a mess. I was not alone though. A lot of the other guys were feeling the pinch.
Surely, going back down this mountain, could not be as bad.

We started the descent in good spirits. Those good spirits soon left us. Everything started to hurt again. Descending was quicker but more painful.
So much so, I took my boots off. It felt better for me to walk in my socks on the hot bitumen road. At least it gave my heels a rest.

My feet were now copping the impact of the weighted carry but the alternative of having my boots on, was worse.

We all had heat rashes forming on different parts of our bodies too. Constant chaffing is really annoying and this added to our woes.
The sun seemed to be hotter as well.
Several guys were very close to breaking point. They were frustrated, angry and fighting their own demons.

By the time we arrived at the cars, which signalled the finish of our trek, we were shells of human beings.
Broken in almost every way.
Most of us slept the hours drive back to Sealfit HQ.
We debriefed and then the group headed as one, to the beach for a recovery swim.
The salt water had never felt so good!
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“Jase’s programs vary within and between sessions. There’s also obstacle programs if seeking even more challenging variation. I was surprised at no longer encountering overuse strain or injury since starting his bootcamps. He generates a great atmosphere and its infectious. A great experience even in the cold dank of winter.”

“I, like most people, will not be motivated to exercise if I am not enjoying what I am doing or do not feel comfortable with the trainer, it makes it too easy to quit. Jase’s non-aggressive approach to training and the follow up emails are extremely impressive. You certainly provide a wonderful service.”